A profound, heartfelt story — even when hilarity ensues.



for Erik Lewin's SON OF INFLUENCE

Can a soft-boiled egg like Delton Lowe resist a brass knuckle father who wants him to join the mob-related family business? A witty coming of age saga filled with goombas, whack jobs and loopy neighbors.

Delton's cigar-chomping, pastrami-loving father wants him to join the family business as a lawyer. But that means law school. And even though Delton never wanted to go near a courtroom, he finds himself thrown into a pressure-cooker law school run by bow-tie wearing sadists, and surviving only with the help of a hysterical, pill-popping buddy, a crazy-pervert artist neighbor, and a gorgeous political junkie he's falling hard for.

To his own surprise, it turns out he's got a knack for law, but as the moral ambiguities of his father's business become clearer, Delton must make a choice. Does he have it in him to defy his father's wishes? Or will family loyalty win out?


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Several other published essays from Real Vegas Magazine & Ponder Review coming soon.


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