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A profound, heartfelt story — even when hilarity ensues.



Can a soft-boiled egg like Delton Lowe resist a brass knuckle father who wants him to join the mob-related family business? A witty coming of age saga filled with goombas, whack jobs and loopy neighbors.

Delton's cigar-chomping, pastrami-loving father wants him to join the family business as a lawyer. But that means law school. And even though Delton never wanted to go near a courtroom, he finds himself thrown into a pressure-cooker law school run by bow-tie wearing sadists, and surviving only with the help of a hysterical, pill-popping buddy, a crazy-pervert artist neighbor, and a gorgeous political junkie he's falling hard for.

To his own surprise, it turns out he's got a knack for law, but as the moral ambiguities of his father's business become clearer, Delton must make a choice. Does he have it in him to defy his father's wishes? Or will family loyalty win out?

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This Is How I Spell Grief offers a no-nonsense guide to dealing with the loss of a loved one by sharing the author's story of recovery from the double loss of his mother and father. This book helps readers prepare for the unexpected and withstand the repeated blows of tragic loss. The guide also eschews expert opinions and macro-level analyses in favor of common sense, addressing the reader in a down-to-earth fashion to show them they're not alone. This Is How I Spell Grief walks the reader through the experience of losing a loved one with intimacy, warmth, and humor.

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These poems are warm little bites of everyday life, a friendly companion through the everyday wilderness. There's something for almost anyone, from grief and confusion, to love and joy. Above all, these pieces are simple and honest, meant to entertain, reassure, and keep you company.

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